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  1. Salon

    Here is how marijuana helps with painful menstrual periods
    Heavy or painful menstrual periods can be a real pain and disrupt your life, but can marijuana really help? There is a little-known prologue to our current medical marijuana debate, a period of about one hundred years in which marijuana (or, more often ...


    Using cannabis for period pain changed my life
    It was not long after that I started to use it to manage period pain and found that it worked better than painkillers! However I still had to use painkillers if I needed to drive or go to work. Then I found CBD edibles and they changed my life. My pain ...

  3. THC tablets fail to reduce chronic abdominal pain
    At the end of the study period, mean pain scores were statistically comparable between THC and placebo groups, and decreased by 40% in the THC group and 37% in the placebo group. Secondary endpoints, including patient-reported pain and quality of life ...

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